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MORE (and important) Legal Stuff You NEED to Know

Princessa Estates Items of Interest

Article 11, Section 7 of your CC & R's..

Garages:  Garages shall be used only for the parking purposes described in the section of this Article entitled "Parking," for the storing of household goods of owners and occupants and for such other purposes as may be permitted by the Board; provided, however,  nothing shall be stored within a garage which prevents it from being used as a means of parking therein the number of motor vehicles it was designed to contain...

​No garage door shall be permitted to remain open except for the purposes of entering a garage, exiting there from, cleaning or maintaining a garage and performing emergency repairs therein.  

Article 11, Section 17 of your CC &R's

Hard Floor Covering: No hard floor covering other than that installed by Declarant (builder) and any replacements thereof, and other than that approved... shall be installed in ANY SECOND STORY unit (or portion thereof) of any condominium within the covered property.

"Hard Floor Covering" shall include, but shall not be limited to wood, asphalt, vinyl, linoleum and stone floor coverings. Except as otherwise permitted, ALL interior flooring of any second story unit of any condominium not covered with hard floor covering pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be covered with tacked down carpeting over padding... 

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 From the Board...Escrow knows, but do you Know... 

Below are some items approved by the board over the years.  Escrow at Ross Morgan is aware of these rules but some owners seem to feel it's ok to ignore them.  Please be aware of these things if you are planning to sell your unit.  It will help avoid complications and possible fines down the road.


We know how you love your pets.  They love you, too, and when you leave they miss you.  As part of your family, please remember that these sweet four-legged kids can't speak for themselves and to leave them out on a balcony for hours on end is not only a no-no as far as the association is concerned, but it's just not  fair to the dog or your neighbors.   From time to time we hear of a dog being left on the balcony ALL DAY...with no 'parent' home.  Please have a heart, a conscience, and a responsible attitude towards their care.  Your pets will thank you and so will we.

1. If an upstairs unit is being sold and there are hard surface (hard wood or laminate) floors in any rooms but the kitchen and bathrooms, they MUST BE REMOVED and replaced with carpeting (with padding) PRIOR to the close of escrow.

2.  Original wooden garage doors MUST BE REPLACED with metal roll up doors, matching those within the community PRIOR to the close of escrow.

3.  Satellite Dishes: No satellite dish may be attached to ANY roof or balcony railing.  Rules and Regulations states that dishes should be installed within the confines of their exclusive use common area balconies. Installation of said satellite dishes in any area OTHER than that as defined above MUST have the written approval of the Board PRIOR to installation.  This includes alley walls, etc.

If there are any dishes that have been installed improperly or not approved from previous owners, the new owner will be responsible for the removal and relocation of the satellite dish PRIOR to the close of escrow.

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Dogs, Balconies, Leashes...and on and on...

Just in case you haven't noticed....our balconies are made up of wood (or wood substitute) slats.  That means liquid on an upper (or lower, for that matter) balcony floor runs right down to the next level!

Some dog owners feel it is ok to let their dog out onto the balcony to relieve itself.  NO NO NO NO!  Not only is this in violation of all sorts of rules, it's just plain inconsiderate of your neighbor below you.  Also, we hear of dogs being left on balconies all day long while owners are at work or away from their units.  Would you leave your CHILD out there all day?  Doubtful.  Your pets ARE like your children.  Please be kind to them and to those around youAll HOA legal stuff IS posted on this site, so if you aren't sure of something, please check before you act. 

LEASHES...are to be ON YOUR DOG whenever it and you are out of your unit.  This is a county law.  NOBODY can say with 100% certainty what a dog will do IF....

Please be a good pet mom/dad and do what is expected and appreciated.  While you are walking that dog, please be sure to pick up the doggie 'deposits'.  Everybody sells the poop bags, or you can use your produce bags from the market.  But please help keep your community clean.  The less we have to spend for this type of maintenance, the more we can put towards the much needed improvements.

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Are You an Offsite Owner?

Do You Have Renters in Your Unit?

It's in the CC & R's and Escrow is fully aware, but...

Did you know that.....


Whether you're an 'old timer' here at Princessa or a new owner who doesn't live on the property, you AND your tenants are required and expected to abide by ALL CC & R's and Rules & Regulations.  ALL owners receive--as part of escrow--these documents before or as part of closing on your home.  It is the responsibility of all owners to:

1.  Provide Ross Morgan with a copy of the rental agreement with your tenant

2.  Names of all persons living in your unit, complete with emergency contact information

3.  Vehicle info on your tenants

Tenants are considered part of the community and are treated as such.  They are entitled to all rights and privileges of the community, provided homeowners are not in violation of any rules, regulations, or are in arrears with H.O.A. dues.

You are also responsible for providing condo governing documents to those living in your unit. Homeowners are ultimately responsible for the conduct of their renters and will be held accountable, should there be a problem with those tenants.